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What is SABnzbd+?

SABnzbd+ is a multi-platform binary newsgroup downloader written in Python language. The program works in the background and simplifies the downloading, verifying and extracting of files from Usenet. SABnzbd+ does not search for files, instead NZB files (similar to .torrent files, but for Usenet) are fed to SABnzbd+ from sites like and Access to SABnzbd+ is done through a web interface, meaning you can easily check and add files from other PC's around the world or on other devices such as the iPhone.

Prior to installing SABnzbd+ we first need to install Python. QNAP has prepared a standalone Python runtime as another QPKG software package because there might be other apps need to be run on Python as well in the future.


  • Install Python 2.7 via QPKG
  • Install SABnzbd+ via QPKG
  • Start the configuration wizard at http://NAS:8800/, connect with admin/admin
  • The final step "Restarting SABnzbd..." may be long, be patient

Adding NZB files to SABnzbd+

  • Save NZB files into \\NAS\Qdownload\sabnzbd
  • When the download is complete, it's available in \\NAS\Qdownload\sabnzbd\complete
  • Or use the web interface at http://NAS:8800/