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rdiffWeb is a web interface for browsing and restoring from rdiff-backup repositories. It is written in Python and is distributed under the GPL license.


You may want to install rdiffWeb to manage the rdiff backups created by the python program rdiff-backup that you have installed with ipkg. The advantage of rdiffweb is that it gives your users a nice web interface for restoring files on their own, without administrator intervention.

Unfortunately rdiffweb is not available from ipkg. rdiffweb requires the following software packages to be installed: Python, librsync, rdiff-backup, CherryPy. The website lists pysqlite as a requirement as well, however, in Python 2.5+, the sqlite3 is included in the distribution


There are a few directories that rdiff-backup needs to work.

You should create a share for your rdiff backups using the web interface, which is stored on the volumes of your choosing. /usr/share/rdiffbackup/


*Work in progress*