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Some multimedia applications consume more memory than expect and it causes the out-of-memory (OOM) of QTS.

The QSwap QPKG is the solution of OOM issue before next QTS release. It can be applied to QTS 4.2.0 or later version. Once it is installed and enabled, a 16-GB swap file will be created on the default volume. The original smart swap file feature will be disabled if this NAS supports it. After uninstalling this QPKG, the swap file feature will be enabled again.

During this QPKG installation, it may take some time to create the swap file. The preparation time depends on the write speed of the default volume (estimate 2 ~ 10 minutes or more). The swap memory won’t increase until this swap file is created.

Download link:


Please download and extract the file to install.

Before installing QPKG:

After installing QPKG: (The swap space becomes 16GB.)