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by AdNovea - Nov 2009
OpenNMP Homepage

OpenNMP Installation

There are four ways to install (or to upgrade) OpenNMP on your device:

  • Using MANUAL INSTALLATION with the Distribution packages (
    Extract the 3 files (README, and onmp.tgz) on your internal drive or a 2nd USB thumbdrive. Then execute the script.
    This procedure shall be used for the very first installation of OpenNMP .

  • Using full AUTOMATIC INSTALLATION from the OpenNMP Remote repository (available with version 0.3.20 and above)
    Goto the Manage NPKG page of the OpenNMP Administration interface. Check (and only check) the OpenNMP Engine to install under [SPECIAL] OpenNMP Engine Upgrade section, select ONLY UPGRADE OpenNMP Engine from the drop list and press APPLY.
    You will be asked to reboot your device to complete the installation/upgrade.
OpenNMP Upgrade.jpg

  • Using ASSISTED INSTALLATION with the upload feature of MANAGE NPKG page
    Download the (OpenNMP-xxxx.onmp) archive from the forum and copy the file on your PC local disk. Upload the file using the Install a new NPKG Plug-in or Upgrade OpenNMP section on the MANAGE NPKG page of the OpenNMP Administration interface and press INSTALL.
OpenNMP Upgrade 2.jpg

  • Manual installation of a Build package (OpenNMP-xxxx.onmp)
    Copy the file at the root directory of your USB device and proceed with the manual installation using the command below:
    ./autorun --upgrade OpenNMP-xxxx.onmp

OpenNMP Configuration

OpenNMP configuration is defined into to the <your_usb>/.onmp/config.ini file.
The parameters are self-explained. Most of these parameters are managed through the Administration interface pages.
Nevertheless, some parameters shall be set directly in the configuration file:

  • Turn off the sound (onmp.beeper)
  • Force IPV4 if not using IPV6 for quicker downloads (force_ipv4)
  • Change uploaded file size limit (php.upload_max_filesize & php.post_max_size)

Under the Hood

For a quick understanding of the OpenNMP architecture, we provide here below three snapshots. They are subject to evolution along with the OpenNMP versions.

ONMP Hood1.jpg
ONMP Hood2.jpg
ONMP Hood3.jpg