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This page will detail how to run a full test of the NAS memory using the Memtest86+ utility.

This procedure only applies to NAS models with Intel and AMD CPU.

Memory Test SOP for x86-based NAS

Applied QNAP NAS models

NAS models with Intel and AMD CPU

Instructions for Performing the Memory Test

A. How to create a Memtest USB boot disk.

  1. Go to and download the latest "Auto-installer for USB Key" file.
  2. Extract the zip file to the folder you downloaded it to.
  3. Plug a USB flash drive to your PC and run the Memtest Auto-Installer file extracted from the step above to create a bootable USB

B. How to use the Memtest USB boot disk to test the NAS memory

1. Power off the NAS.

2. Remove all the hard disks.

3. Connect the NAS with a VGA/HDMI monitor, USB keyboard, and the bootable USB disk.


4. Power on the NAS and press the <DEL> key to enter BIOS setup. 

5. Press the right arrow key to navigate to the Boot settings screen and configurechange the boot order.

6. Reconfigure the first boot device to your USB flash drive. Select your USB flash drive name. (Ex: choose "Patriot Memory PMAP" here)



[NOTE]: If there are two USB devices, don't select “USB DISK MODULE PMAP”.

7. Press the right arrow key to navigate to Save and Exit to save configuration and exit.

8. The memory test will begin automatically