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by AdNovea - May 2009
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The prerequisites to enable Video & Sound are:

  • The media or streaming contents must be accessible from the Internet.
  • QuickTime shall be installed on the client machine running the viewer.
  • Only QuickTime 7 Audio/Video Formats are supported.
  • The streaming content are fed directly to Quicktime from your viewer.

Add background Music

To add background music (MP3, MP3 or OGG) on on parcel, right-click the parcel and select About land....
Under the Media tab, fill in the Music URL e.g.:

  • http:/ /<my_domain>/qsmanager/audio/music.mp3.
    This enable you to play only one track and the background music will end with the track.
  • Alternative solution is to "stream" a playlist (iTunes, WinAmp, etc.) but you need to have a audio streamer to run somewhere.

Add Movies


  • Movies file names are case-sensitive.
  • Only one movie per region can be setup (cannot create movie playlist)
  • You can create a file (e.g. movie.qtl) such as:
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<?quicktime type="application/x-quicktime-media-link"?>
moviename="Movie title"
  • In the toolbar click World/About land then the Media tab.
  • Set Movie type to Movie, and click Set. Type the URL to the here above movie.qtl file or directly to your video (http://your_domain.com/qsmanager/media/video/movies.mp4)
  • Create a flat prim (movie screen) that will display the media.
  • Select the prim face for the screen and place the "Default Media texture" on it. Any prims with this texture will display the video in the current region
  • Click the prim Content tab and create a New script.
  • Drop the Freeview script into the new script (available here).

Background music and videos

Multiple Audio & Video

In order to have multiple audio or video screens, you need to:

  • split your region into parcels [1] (Right click / Edit terrain /Subdivide)
  • setup the audio and/or video link accordingly
  • Assign a different texture for each video in both the screen and the parcel (About land / Media)
  • If you have Voice Chat enabled on the region, check the setting for the new created parcels too.

[1] Check in View menu, the Property Lines to easily identify each parcel

Multiple videos in different parcels of the same region

Avatar can view only one video at a time and the displayed video corresponds to the video of the region/parcel where the avatar is located (may be different from what you are expecting if you have move the camera far away from your avatar).

  • Video will automatically starts when you avatar enter the parcels/regions with videos if you have checked Automatically play media in the Preferences / Audio & Video.

More information about Movies can be found here

WARNING: Legal issues

Information.png   If your metavers is opened to Public, you must consider both the copyrights and broadcasting taxes issues.
You are not entitle to freely broadcast copyrighted contents nor to redirect webradios on Public metavers.
Most countries required to pay fees for broadcasting media contents over the Internet including into metaverses.