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Compatible Hard Drives(3.5")

Notice: QNAP cannot guarantee the drives on the list below are really compatible. Please refer to the official hard drive compatibility list as all the hard drive has been tested under certain test conditions. (

Source(s): Compatible Hard Drives


Model Number HD FW Capacity
Raid NAS Model Firmware Reporter YYYY.MM Remark
HD31000 IDK/7K


cbragwel 2010.02

Running 2 of these in RAID 1 with no issues

HDP725050GLA360 GM4O
3.4.1 Build 0315T
Running 2 of these in RAID 0 for 2 years with no issues
HDS722020ALA330 JKOA28A
TS-259 3.2.7
Gershwin 2010.06 2 HDD's fully compatible in RAID 1
JP4OA3EA 1000 Single TS-209


eilctw 2010.11 Drive 1: Seagate ST 31000333AS SD1B 1000GB
HDS5C1010CLA382 JC4OA3HB 1000 5 TS-409 Pro 3.1.0 Build 0708T Scromple 2010.12 Array originally made with Seagate 750GB drives. Disk 2 failed. Used this Hitachi model to replace failed drive in the array.
HDS5C3020ALA632 ML6OA580 2000 5 TS-419P+

3.4.2 Build 0331T

Jesbo 2011.05 New server with 4 drives. Drives tested JBOD and RAID-5 with 24 hour continuous read/write. QNAP tests run fine. Drives spin up/down when hibernating. So far no issues.
HDS5C3020ALA632 ML6OA580 2000 6 TS-659 Pro II 3.4.2 0331T and 3.4.3 0520T Maytrees 2011.06 New server populated with 6 drives and original firmware. Worked with no errors for 4 days.  Did auto update of firmware and no errors for a day. NAS on 24/7
2000 (1863)
3.3.0 build 0924T
Failed "Expand RAID" process after 4 days. Tech Support said "not on compat list" (ie "you're on your own") No drives over 1Tbyte on the list, so nice get-out. Seems to work generally though.


3000 1 TS-219P+ 3.4.2 Build 0520 epicfailrobot 2011.07 Running two of these 7200RPM SATA 6.0Gb/s 3.5" drives in a RAID 1 - no issues. Formatted at 2,749GB.
TS439 Pro
3.4.2 Build 0331T
Replace 4*1TB disks (one by one) then expanded RAID5. No problems, been running a week.
TS-259 Pro+
3.3.9 Build 0104T

2 of these in RAID1. So far so good.

Source(s):   Compatible Hard Drives


Model Number HD FW Capacity (GB) RAID NAS Model Firmware Reporter YYYY.MM Remark
ST4000NM0033 SN04 4000 6 TS-870 ultra since 4.0 baten 2015.01 have been using 6 of these since I purchased ts-870, in January 2014, in raid 6. I have just added 2x dell version with firmware GA06. expanded storage pool. still running superfine
ST4000DM000 CC52 4000 5 TS-469L 3.8.3 Build 20130426  Jonny0r 2013.04

Works fine since around 2 month, no problems with creating the raid, good speed, nothing to complain!

ST33000650NS 0004 3000 5 TS-469  3.7.3 Build 20120801  w m0zart 2012.10


ST31500541AS CC34 1500 5 TS-410  3.1.2 build 1207T  Villy 2010.01


ST3500418AS CC35 500 Single TS-209 Pro II 3.1.0 build 0708T Gnulab  


ST32000542AS CC34 2000 5 TS-419P 3.2.5 Build 0409T shades 2010.05


ST32000542AS CC35 2000 5 TS-409 3.3.1 Build 0823T PoPPaP 2011.11  
SN02 16000 Single and 5 TS-469L Build 20201006 mcfudge 2021.01 works as single drive and RAID5
ST2000DL003 CC32 2000 5 TS-410 3.4.0 Build 0212T AirtjE 2011.03 These are SATA III (6Gb/s) 4K disks

Config: 3x for RAID5



1AQ1 2000 1 TS-412 3.7.1 NASoverdose 2012.07  
ST2000VX002 CV01 2000 5 TS-419P II 3.6.1 Build 0302T Shade99GT 2012.02 SATA 3 (6Gb/s) 5900rpm 64MB cache drives - No problems in a 4 disk RAID 5 setup
ST2000DL003 CC32 2000 10 TS-419P 3.6.1 Build 0302T Kim Haverblad 2012.06 Two Disks running with RAID 10 together with two WDC drives. Been running for well over a year without any issues.
ST3000DM001 CC4H 3000 6 TS-869 Pro 3.7.1 Build 0614T adprom 2012.06 8 Disks running in RAID6 well and fairly quiet. Note: These drives must be upgraded to firmware CC4H which resolves known issues
ST3000DM001 CC4H 3000 Single NMP-1000 1.2.0 Build 1125P 2012.09 No single issue. Installed since a few months
ST31500541AS   1500 Single TS-209 3.3.2 Build 0918T James 2012.09  
ST2000VX000 CV13 2000 Single TS-209 3.3.2 Build 0918T James 2012.09  
ST1000DM003 CC4C 1000 Single TS-112 3.7.3 Build 20120801 irving 2012.09 first initialization and firmware update took a couple of hours; needed to use Chrome browser just to be able to recognize any progress in firmware upload process(neither in FF nor in IE could do that)
ST1000NM0011 SN03 1000 1 TS-209 Pro II 3.3.0 Build 0924T Erik Knowles 2012.12 Didn't seem to recognize via hot swap to correct broken raid drive. Shutting down and restarting worked fine. RAID rebuilt using 1 old drive and 1 new, then I shut the system down again and swapped out the other old drive. On restart raid rebuilt again and all OK.
ST1000DM003 CC4B 1000 4 TS-439 Pro 3.8.0 Build 20121114 ekhoo 2013.01

Replaced an incompatible WD drive. Runs fine. Other 3 drives in the 4-disk array are Seagate ST31000528AS with firmware CC35

ST2000DM001 CC24 2000 10 TS-459 Pro II 3.8.2 Build 0301  An3k 2013.09

Have four of these running for over 6 month. Zero problems. Also on 4.0.2 Build 0726

ST1000NC001 1DY1CN02 1000 1 TS-219P 4.0.7 axel3rd 2014.04


ST12000VN0008 2YSC60/2PSC61 12000 single and 1 TS-439Pro 4.2.6 Build 2021/12/15 tnt 2022.02

RAID 5 dosnt work because of 16TB limitation

Source(s):   Compatible Hard Drives

Western Digital

Critical: WD Caviar Black, Caviar Green, and Caviar Blue hard drives are not recommended for and are not warranted for use in RAID environments utilizing Enterprise HBAs and/or expanders and in multi-bay chassis, as they are not designed for, nor tested in, these specific types of RAID applications. For more info, please refer to the following link. (

Source(s):   Compatible Hard Drives

Model Number HD FW Capacity
( TB )
RAID NAS Model Firmware Reporter YYYY.MM Remarks
WD Caviar SE WD3200AAJS
320 GB

Spindown: Yes, Copy of original User Reported Compatible Hard Drives page
WDC WD5003ABYX-01WER01.0 04.05G05 500 GB 4 TS-439proII+ 3.3.2 Build 0819T RoSa 2010.12

4 drives Setup in RAID 5. Drives have 64MB Cache and
labled Enterprise Storage. Works perfectly with ESXi3.5
and iSCSI Targets.

No read/write errors or performance issues.
Disks are not encrypted (makes hardly sense for a raid array)

WDC WD5000AAKS-07YGA0 12.01C02 500 GB 1 TS-459 Pro+ 3.5.1 build 1002T mikahe 2011.10 SATA II RAID 1 with Samsung HD501LJ
WD Caviar Green WD6400AADS-00M2B01.0 01.00A01 640 GB Single TS-119 3.3.6 Build 1109 hardstyler 2010.11 No issues, very quiet.
WD10EAVS-00D7B1 01.0 1 TB
TS-209p 3.3.0 Merry 11-2010 Works intern. Attaching it by USB does not work!
WDC WD10EARS-00Y5B1 80.0 1 TB 1 TS-210 3.4.2 Build 0331T Ali Saleh 2011.05 Had These Drives In Raid 1 with NAS Running Over 1 Year Now - No Problem - Quiet - Fast - Perfect
WDC WD10EACS-22D6B0 01.01A01 1 TB 1 TS-253 Pro 4.2.0 RaceDuck 2015.11
WDC WD1002FBYS-02A6B0 03.00C06 1 TB 5 TS-509 Pro 3.1.1
3.2.0 1212T
Yeroon 2009.09 These RE3 drives are very reliable harddives, designed for RAID config. did not had any issues with 3 of them using them in raid 5 config.
WD Caviar Green WD10EADS
1 TB

Spindown: Yes, Copy of original User Reported Compatible Hard Drives page
WDC WD10EZEX 08RKKA080.0 1 TB Single TS-112 3.8.1 csumy 2012.12 No problem, works great with high speed.
WDC WD10EZRX   1 TB 5 TS-420 4.0.5 Stefan 2013.12 No problem, RAID5 with 4 equal disks.
WDC WD15EADS-00P8B0 01.00A01 1.5TB 0 TS-439 Pro 3.1.1 0815T,
3.1.2 1014,
3.2.0 1107 Beta
Kanchelsis 2009.11

Several users report reliability and performance issues during I/O operations like (1) high LCC counts and (2) freezes and hiccups. WDIDLE3 may solve (1).  (2) remains unsolved.

edit: these desktop drives are not supported for RAID use by Western Digital

WDC WD2002FYPS-01U1B0 04.05G05 2 TB 1 TS-509 pro 3.2.0 1212T Yeroon 2009.11

Flash these RE4-GP drives with at least firmware 04.05G05 for operation in RAID configuration. You can easily fix high LCC counts by use of the WDIDLE3 tool. No real issues encountered with these drives.

download bootable CD with right FW and WDIDLE tool here:

WDC WD2002FYPS-01U1B1 04.05G05 2 TB 6 TS-809RP 3.2.3 0209T ftan 2010.3 8 drives came directly from WD with the latest firmware. Setup in RAID 6. So far 1270 Hours ~ 9500 LCC. Did not WDIDLE.

Raid and drive stable since build, no read/write errors or performance issues.

WDC WD20EARS-00S8B1 80.0 80.00A80 2 TB (decimal)
1863GB (binary)
JBOD TS-210 3.2.3 0209T doofas 2010.06 Single "Green" SATA ATA-8 drive; very quiet.
No issues seen during installation and approximately 2 months of NAS uptime
WDC WD20EARX-00PASB0531.0 51.0AB51 2 TB Single TS-412 3.8.2 Wond1979 2013.03 No problem, works great in single mode quiet and slow temp.
WD Caviar Green WD20EADS-00R6B0
2 TB

Copy of original Compatible Hard Drives(3.5") page
WD Caviar Green WD20EARS-00J2GB080.0
2 TB RAID5 TS-439 Pro II 3.3.1 Build 0720T brad_peraso 2010.06 No issues; very quiet.
WDC WD20EARS 07MVWB051.0 2 TB 10 TS-419P 3.6.1 Build 0302T Kim Haverblad 2012.06 Two Disks running with RAID 10 together with two Seagate drives. Been running for well over a year without any issues.
WD Caviar 3 TB

3 TB
TS-119 3.4.4
maierhe 2011.07 NAS works well with WD WD30EZRS and very quiet. HDD temperature with constant access to approximately 40°C/104°F. According to WD permitted to 60 ° C/140F.
WD Caviar Green WD30EZRX
3 TB 0 TS-239 Pro II+ 3.5.0 Build 0815 carfesh 2011.09 Two disks prepared with wdidle3 /d, configured into a RAID-0. Performing fine.
WD Caviar Green WD30EZRX 00MMMB080.0 3 TB 0
T-210 3.5.1 B1002 Jonny0r 2011.11 Two Disks, but there was problems with the Firmware because i got the T-210 with 3.1.8 and this FW does not support 3TB, so i did it with a 1TB HDD and upgrade to 3.5.1 and exchange to 2x 3TB works fine ..!!
WD Caviar Green WD30EZRX 80.00A80 3 TB 5 TS-439 Pro 3.5.2 build 1126T Davide.f75 2012.01 it is recommended to disable applications in the NAS during RAID volume expansion, and this for any hard drive, regardless of compatibility with the NAS !!
WD Caviar Green
80.00A80 3 TB 5 TS-559 Pro+ 3.7.3 build 20120801 buggy82 2013.01 Very quiet, very fast and not a single problem yet. 3+ months running in a RAID-5 Array of five disks.
WDC WD30EFRX 80.00A8 3 TB 4 TS-469L 3.8.1 Rafale 2012.12 4x Caviar RED in RAID5. works great.
WDC WD80EFBX 85.00A85 8 TB 6 TS-469L 4.3.4 Spyder 2022.05 4x WD Red Plus 8TB, 16~24 hours per drive rebuild, ~12 hours pool expansion, no issues.
The 2-6 TB models are verified, so suspected newer 8 TB also will work, comments on expansion max to 16TB made me choose 8TB vs larger in case could not expand, vs full rebuild.

Source(s):   Compatible Hard Drives


Model Number HD FW Capacity (GB) RAID NAS Model Firmware Reporter YYYY.MM Remark
HD753LJ (Spinpoint F1) 7200 750GB 1 TS-209 3.1.0 rogo 2009.11 Spindown did not work on very old firmware
HD103SJ (Spinpoint F3) 1AJ10001 1TB 1 TS-219P 3.3.1 NiNiX 2010-08
HD154UI 1AG0 1.5TB 1 TS-209P 3.3.0 Merry 2010-11
HD204UI 1AQ1 2TB 1 TS-209P 3.3.0 Merry 2011-01
SpinPoint T166 series HD501LJ
TS-459 Pro+
RAID 1 with WDC WD5000AAKS
RAID 1 with Seagate Constellation CS ST1000NC001 since 04/2014

Source(s):   Compatible Hard Drives

Incompatible Hard Drives(3.5")


Model Number HD FW Capacity (GB) RAID NAS Model Firmware Reporter YYYY.MM Remark

Source(s):   Compatible Hard Drives


Model Number HD FW Capacity (GB) RAID NAS Model Firmware Reporter YYYY.MM Remark
ST31000340AS 7200.11 1TB Single TS-219P 3.1.0 ff 2009.11 don't support standby mode

not recommended, random read/write errors, discs fine (DOM 06/2011)

Western Digital

Model Number HD FW Capacity (GB) RAID NAS Model Firmware Reporter YYYY.MM Remark
HGST / Hitachi Ultrastar He10 0F27607 / HUH721010ALN600 10TB 3.5" 6Gbps   10TB * TR-004   Martijn071 2020.08.07 Smart error and red LEDs. SoftwareWSoftware not working. When individual disks no smart errors are visible
WD10EARS   1TB 1 TS-210 3.3.9 MADhase 2011.02

State LED (red) is flashing all the time.
Web Interface not coming up:
Probably the NAS is stuck at boot time during
mounting the drive(s).

WD20EARX 00PASB051.0 2TB 6 TS-459+ & TS-879U 3.7.3 Build 20120801   2012.08

Extremely bad performance.

Connected to ESXi 5.0 host via iSCSI: Virtual machines on the host had a max read speed of 20 Mbyte/sec

vCenter logged 'I/O performance  deterioration' events every 15secs.

RAID6 appears to be OK and working.

Resource monitor on QNAP showed max. throughput of 30Mbyte/sec on 1Gbit ethernet interfaces under full read/write load. (it should be close to 100Mbyte/sec)



1 TB
1 of 4 Disks in RAID5
TS-439 Pro
3.8.0 Build 20121114
Replaced disk 3 (Disk 1-2-4 are Seagate 7200.12 - ST31000528AS) and my whole array slowed drastically until close to being unusable. Transfer speeds burst up to 3-4mb/s then dropped to around 80-200kb/s. Replaced with Seagate 1TB ST1000DM003 and everything's back to normal.

Source(s):   Compatible Hard Drives



Model Number HD FW Capacity (GB) RAID NAS Model Firmware Reporter YYYY.MM Remark

Source(s):   Compatible Hard Drives