What are the differences between TS-109/109 Pro and TS-101?

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TS-109 and TS-109 Pro adopt Marvell 5182 500MHz CPU and 128MB DDRII RAM, while TS-101 adopts Freescale 8241 266MHz and 64MB SDRAM. TS-109 and TS-109 Pro provides higher hardware performance than TS-101.

In terms of product features, TS-109 Pro offers exclusive Windows AD service and NFS. Both TS-109 and TS-109 Pro support PHP/MySQL & SQLite dual support, encrypted remote replication over SHH, FTP passive port range, FTP over SSL/TSL, FTP bandwidth control, access control of online albums (Photo Station), SSH/Telnet login, configurable management port, and IP filter, etc., which are currently not available on TS-101.

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