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by AdNovea - June 2009
Q-Sims Homepage

How to create a Terrain

New regions have a default terrain that look like a small island in the middle of a 256 x 256 meters region.
You can use the Build tool to terraform the terrain (caterpillar icon)


Default terrain

There are possibilities to quickly and easily define the shape of your terrain using an image.

JPEG source image
Snapshot of the resulting terrain

The greylevel correspond to the Height field.
Once in an OpenSim console, type:

 terrain load <filename>

where <filename> correspond to the picture (BMP, TIF, JPG, PNG).

NOTE: Up to now, I have not succeeded this way.

How to generate a terrain using L3DT

I use another method to generate terrain thanks to the very valuable L3DT software.

  • Brush your land in your favorite paint tool and save it as a PNG or JPG image (JPEG image introduces some block artifacts due to the DCT compression method) - For information North is up and South is down.
  • Download the L3DT Standart Edition [L3DT ]

in L3DT:

  • File / New project / Designable map (1/5)
  • in Heightfield (2/5) set Horiz. scale to "1" and set the width/height to your terrain size (256x256 per region, with 4 regions you shall enter 512x512)
  • in "Design map size (3/5)" leave 64
  • in "Design map parameters" leave as is (4/5)
  • in "Design map" (5/5) lease as is and click "OK"
  • File / Import / Heighfield
  • in "Import height map (1/2)" browse your to your image file
  • in "Heightfile import options (2/2)" set "Horizontal scale" (1 pix = x meters, in our case =1) and choose the Min (-20 deep sea) /Max altitude

  • Do any tuning if you want (I did no tuning in this example)

  • File / Export / Export map / Heightfield
  • Choose R32 and check Options / InvertY = false

In Opensim : in the console type :

terrain load-tile <filename> x1 y1 posX posY

where x1 and y1 are the numbers of H/V tiles (one tile is 256x256) and posX/posY correspond to the region at the left-bottom of the terrain.

  • eg. a jpeg 512x512 pix image save into bin/../backup/my_reg.r32 to cover 4 regions (1000-1000,1001-1000,1000-1001,1001-1001) will require the following command:
terrain load-tile ../backup/my_reg.r32 2 2 1000 1000


  • In OpenSim the sea level is 20, therefore you may have to do "terrain elevate 20"
  • You may also apply "terrain rescale <min> <max>" to fit you expectations.

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