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by AdNovea - June 2009
Q-Sims Homepage

Q-Sims FULL Edition

QSims FULL Edition includes:

  • Q-Sim installation scripts
  • OpenSim an open source Second life compatible metaverses simulator
  • QS-Manager a web interface based on OpenSimWI (Redux) to provide:
  • new visitor online registration with captach (security against bots)
  • Q-Sims statistics and health information
  • online basic help pages for beginners
  • Administrator messages (grid information)
  • display information about available regions as well as a map of the regions
  • support different languages (English & French for the time being)
  • a comprehensive administration interface with:
  • a QSA (Quick Start Assistant) for automatic configuration of QNAP servers
  • searching feature with wildcard for regions and users
  • servers status (OpenSim and UGAIM) on Admin page and alarms
  • a remote admin console
  • a watchdog to restart servers if they fall down
  • an automatic MySQL and/or SQLite database nightly backup with archive files rotation
  • user management of the Banker selection
  • a new cosmetic supported by IE7 and FF3....


QS-Manager (Quick Sims Manager) is based on then OpenSim Web Interface v0.33.20 from OpenSimWiRedux and provide additional features to create a Mevaterses Starter Kit for QNAP servers.

QS-Manager home page

Here is below the list of QS-Manager specificities for users have/will deal with OpenSimWI.

  • Compatible with OpenSimWI - NO modification of the OpenSim & Redux DB structure
  • Addition of Language management (internationalization)
  • Move the Database from ISO-8859-1 to UTF-8 to enable Asian translation
  • Add Captcha code for account creation and Admin login
  • Addition of a Search box in the list of grid (required for large number of regions)
  • Add a Watchdog to restart the servers that goes down (entry in crontab)
  • Servers status is displayed on Home admin page
  • QNAP QSA (Quick Start Assistant) for Auto-installation
  • Automatic daily MySQL database backup
  • and some minor, cosmetic and security improvements.

User Interface

in Standalone mode

QS-Manager is not aimed to manage Q-Sims in Standalone mode nevertheless some menu entries such as the Help remains accessible.

in Grid mode

In grid mode, the QS-Manager menu offers several entries:


This page provides short information about the Viewer configuration and how to connect to Q-Sims.


The help pages will help you to start. Additional information are available in the current Wikies.

Grid news

Administrator can write news about the metavers and maintenance to inform the users.
Information are displayed on the Q-Sims website and into the web browser of the Hippo viewer (realXtend does not yet support this feature)

REGIONS - Regions list and World map

To help to locate the regions and landscape, there are information displayed about the regions hosted in Q-Sims.

QS-Manager regions' list
  • Click a specific region to display additional information

QS-Manager map of hosted regions

Create account

QS-Manager create new account
  • To disable this function, in the Administration menu (after admin logging), select CONFIGURATION / Menu manager and disable the Create account menu entry (_MENU_CREATE_ACCOUNT which is Displayed in "Logout only". There is an other entry but Displayed for "Admin only" to enable the administrator to create account )
  • During the visitor registration, you can ask for additional information such as the address. Go in the Administration menu , select CONFIGURATION / Admin settings and choose the level of information required in Require address for account creation?.

Administration (Restricted)

QS-Manager administration features are addressed in separated sections.

QS-Manager Admin Summary

Transaction history (logged user only)

This page display all the transactions (requires the monetary system to be enabled on your Q-Sims) for a selectable range of time. Transactions which the amount is can be displayed or hidden.

Change account (logged user only)

Enable to:

  • Select your start region (may be different from the one set by the administrator by default)
  • Change your password

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