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by AdNovea - May 2009
Q-Sims Homepage

Using the SSH Console

  • To start/stop Q-Sims using the script. The simulator is launched using the screen utility [1].
# cd /share/xxx_DATA/.qpkg/QSims
# ./qsims.sh start
# ./qsims.sh stop
  • To open the OpenSim console after starting Q-Sims with the script above
# screen -list

will return something like:

There is a screen on:
xxxxx.OpenSim_OSGRID (Detached)
1 Socket in /tmp/screens/S-admin.

# screen -r xxxxx.OpenSim_OSGRID
  • To leave the screen console (but not terminate the application) type: CTRL+A D

  • To manually start Q-Sims
# cd /share/xxx_DATA/.qpkg/QSims
# cd bin
# mono OpenSim.exe

  • To stop Q-Sims from the OpenSim console
Region (<region_name>)# quit

[1] The screen utility is a terminal multiplexer that allows a user to access multiple separate terminal sessions inside a single terminal window or remote terminal session. The screen is installed using IPKG Optware during the Q-Sims installation. IPKG QPKG shall be available and enable BEFORE the Q-Sims installation

The OpenSim Console

Once in the OpenSim console you can use the following commands:

  • help to list all command (and help cmd to list the options of one command)
  • quit to terminate the OpenSim simulator gracefully
  • change region <region name> to access an other regions hosted on your NAS
  • save oar <filename> to save the content of a region
  • load oar <filename> to restore the content of a region
  • terrain fill <height> to flatten your region to a specific level
  • etc ...
OpenSim server console