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by AdNovea - June 2009
Q-Sims Homepage

A computer pointing device like a mouse placed on a flat surface is well suited to move a cursor on a screen. Neverthess, the management of the third dimension requires some combined actions to perform the correct movements.

In 3D environments, the distinction is made between the avatar movement and the camera position shooting the current scene.
Whereas your avatar may stay fix, the camera can move around to offer a complete different point of view. The user shall deal with both the avatar movement AND the camera position.

There are also capabilities:

  • to fly (use of the 3rd dimension).
  • for Teleportation (jump from one location, region or grid to another). Teleportation between grids is available thanks to the Hypergrid functionality.

Two controls panels can be displayed on the viewer screen [1]. From the top menu bar, select View and check Camera controls and/or Movement controls.
[1] The 3D area that display the scene is also referred as the HDU - Head Display Unit.

Movements and camera controls in Viewers

You can use the controls with :

  • the pop-ups panels in the HDU (click the icon of the action to perform)
  • the keyboard and the mouse


Consider the camera to be placed on a sphere. You can control the parameters of this sphere.

  • The left circle move the position of the camera on the sphere (up, down, left and right around your avatar)
  • The slider in the middle is the zoom (size of the sphere)
  • The right circle controls the move the position of the camera regarding the position of your avatar (center of the sphere)

  • Ctrl+M : Mouselook - place the camera into your head - you watch the environment through your avatar eyes.
  • Esc : return the camera behind your avatar (default camera position)

Control with the mouse: (camera)

  • Press and hold down the ALT key (a magnifying glass is displayed).
  • Left click and hold on your avatar and move your mouse (this point is the center of the sphere).
  • Move the mouse up and down to zoom (or use the wheel button)
  • Move left and right to turn around your avatar.
Camera left-right and Zoom

  • Press and hold down the SHIFT key.
  • Left click and hold on your avatar and move your mouse (this point is the center of the sphere).
  • Move the mouse up and down to zoom (or use the wheel button)
  • Move left and right to rotate your avatar.
Camera left-right and top-down / mouse wheel for zooming

Control with the keyboard: (avatar)

  • The straight arrow pointing to the left moves your avatar left
  • The straight arrow pointing to the right moves your avatar right
  • The straight arrow pointing up moves your avatar forward
  • The straight arrow pointing down moved the avatar backwards. If your avatar backs into a wall, you may lose sight of it and see the wall instead.

  • The striped arrow pointing up enables your avatar to move up.
  • The striped arrow pointing down enables the avatar to crouch down.

  • The twisted arrow pointing left rotates the view so that the avatar is now looking to the left. It does not change the avatar’s position.
  • The twisted arrow pointing right rotates the view so that the avatar is now looking to the right. It does not change the avatar’s position.

  • F for toggling back and forth between Flying / Walking. Note that You can press more than one key at a time.
  • You can also hold down the left mouse button down after a click and move the mouse over a different icon to change the movement.

  • "Ctrl=R" for toggling back and forth between Walking / Running.

All controls can be done using your mouse and the keyboard. It will take few minutes to get used to play with all the combinations but once done, you will end with a very flexible control of the scene and avatar displacements.

Keyboard Shortcuts
Moving Around: Handling the Camera: Making Things:
  • W/S (or U/D arrow) : Walk Forward/backward
  • A/D (or L/R arrow) : Turn L/R
  • F (or Home) : Fly Mode
  • E/C (or PgUp/PgDn) : Fly Up/Down
  • Spacebar (hold down) : Slow down
  • Ctrl+R : Run Mode
  • M : Mouselook mode
  • Mouselook+A/D (or L/R arrow) : Strafe L/R
  • Mouselook+Flying+W/S (or U/D arrow) : Fly in direction you're facing
  • Mouselook+Flying+E/C (or PgUp/PgDn) : Move vertically relative to view
  • Esc : Reset view, chat, mouselook
  • Alt+left-click : Focus on an object/avatar
  • Alt+drag (or W/S/A/D, or arrows) : Orbit L/R and Zoom Camera
  • Ctrl+Alt+drag (or W/S/A/D, or arrows) : Orbit Camera
  • Ctrl+Alt+Shift+drag (or W/S/A/D, or arrows) : Pan Camera
  • Ctrl+0 : Zoom In
  • Ctrl+8 : Zoom Out
  • Ctrl+9 : Reset Zoom
  • Mouselook+Mouse : Turn avatar and view together
  • B : Build Mode
  • Ctrl+1 : Focus
  • Ctrl+2: Move
  • Ctrl+3: Edit
  • Ctrl+4 : Create
  • Ctrl+5 : Land
  • Shift and Drag : Copy object in edit
  • Ctrl+Z : Undo (once while in edit)
  • Ctrl+L : Link (selected objects in edit)
  • Ctrl+Shift+L : Unlink (selected objects in edit)
  • Ctrl+U : Upload Image
  • Ctrl+Shift+3 : Texture Console
  • Ctrl+Alt+T : Highlight Transparent
Finding Things: Using the Display: Communicating:
  • Ctrl+F : Search
  • Ctrl+Shift+F : Friends
  • Ctrl+Shift+M : Mini Map
  • Ctrl+M : World Map
  • Ctrl+I : Inventory
  • F1 : Help
  • Ctrl+Shift+S : Snapshot
  • Ctrl+` : Snapshot to Disk
  • Ctrl+Shift+A : Movie
  • Ctrl+Alt+1 : Hide/Show UI
  • Ctrl+Alt+D : Open/Close Debug menu
  • Ctrl+Shift+1 : Sim Stats
  • Ctrl+P : Preferences
  • Enter : Chat
  • Ctrl+H : Chat History
  • Ctrl+T : Instant Message
  • Ctrl+Enter : Shout
  • /me : Start emote
  • / : Start gesture
  • Ctrl+G : Gestures
  • /0 : Typing animation off


Teleportation enables instant move faster than walking, running or even flying with your avatar to one region on the grid.

  • Click the Map button on the viewer bottom, use the Search to find the region on the map or double click the point to teleport your avatar directly on the map. Click the Teleport button to proceed.
  • To find location on the grid, you can also use the Search engine (Search button on the bottom of the viewer).
  • See also the teleportation between grids thanks to the Hypergrid functionality.

File:Q-Sims Map.jpg
Teleport to an other region

Second Life Quickstart Guide

The official second life quick start guide is available at :