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by AdNovea - July 2009
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Education (v-learning) is one of the major applications (referred as Serious games) in metaverses because it expands the capability of the current e-learning by adding the 3D immersion.
They are several ways to use metaverses for education such as but not limited to:

  • using the metavers as a sandbox:
  • building objects (geometry learning)
  • create collaborative work (team building)
  • learn new technologies (use Chat, Instant messaging, Voice chat, etc)
  • ease socialization (easy access for disabled persons, avatars are proxies and avoid a prior)
  • learn foreign languages and cultures (Chat instant translator is available for most languages)
  • using the metavers as a classroom:
  • recreate the classroom interactivity thanks to boards, slide and video screens
  • enable the students inter activities through paper boards, chat, voice chat, instant massaging (IM)
  • provide students an after-course environment to continue group's exchanges
  • enable student-to-student instant messaging during classroom
  • student inactivity is visible through the avatar behavior
  • using the metavers as a volume:
  • macro and micro scale (objects) can coexist
  • well suited for basic astronomy learning
  • easy 3D representation of complex molecules


  • Metavers as a sandbox: Art, physic workshops
Sansbox used for art and physics learning
  • Metavers as a Classroom: Amphitheater

see also Education

Classroom with a sleepy student!
  • Create video screen: see Add movies
  • Create a slideshow: Rez a flat prims, place your slides converted as JPG images into the prims Contents folder. Add the SlideShow script.
  • Create a white/blackboard - look for the justincc's graffiti board script.
  • To enable Voice chat read this
  • Create a paper board: Rez a flat prims. Write a notecard with the text to display. Rename the notecard as "message" and put the script and the notecard into the prims Contents folder. Touch the prims to update the display.
Paper board displaying a notecard content
  • Metavers as a volume: Astronomy
  1. Enable Advanced menu (Ctrl+Alt+D)
  2. Under Advanced/Rendering/Types unselect: Trees, Surface path, Sky and Water
Astronomy simulation

NOTE: Use spherical prims with Mercator image projections as textures.