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by AdNovea - June 2009
Q-Sims Homepage

Here below are given some application's examples quickly developed with our Q-Sims demonstrator.
Despite all applications are running on our demonstrator, we did not expected to have all running simultaneously with lot of visitors and with several regions full of prims.

RTENOTITLE   NOTE: The here below applications are basic "copy/paste" of real world applications into the virtual world.

In order to get mature, metaverses applications must be MUCH MORE creative using the virutality capabilities.
Feel free to unleash YOUR CREATIVITY using the Q-Sims Metavers Starter Kit on QNAP NAS server platforms.


Among the virtual applications, Education is one of the major stakes for Metaverses. Education can take different forms such as interactive classrooms with or without speaker or workshops to train the participants with 3D objects. You will find several papers about education by 3D immersion.

Virtual classroom

In our Q-Sims demonstrator, we have implemented a virtual class with:

  • Powerpoint presentation controled either by the students or the speaker
  • Voice chat for speaker comments and Q&A session
Q-Sims Classroom.jpg

Virtual classroom provides:

  • a good monitoring of participants attention through theirs avatar's behaviors
  • vocal bidirectional exchanges thanks to the voice chat
  • participants to participants identification through avatar shapes (virtual presence)
  • the possibility for one individual to jump to a specific slide thanks to a shared slideshow control
  • the capability to snapshot one scene and add its own comments
  • social timeslots before and after the class to help student's exchanges
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Training session

Example of training session using slideshow and video as well as:

  • Voice chat for the speaker
  • Chat for written exchanges between speaker and all students
  • Instant messaging for participant to participant exchanges.
  • Slide show presentation
  • Video presentation
  • Blackboard available for both the speaker and the students
Q-Sims Classroom2.jpg

Some of the benefits from virtual trainings are:

  • No travel expenses (transportation, lodging, office facilities organization).
  • No meeting room rental needed
  • Lower overall carbon footprint
  • Uses already existing network infrastructures (Internet)
  • Location independence (just take care of the timezone)


Virtual Conference

  • Virtual presence conference may use only the Voice chat.
  • An other improvement is to stream the video of the chairman and turn it into a video conference.
  • Display video and/or slideshow to support the conference
  • Any IP-Cam may be used to stream the video.

Conferencing / Surveillance

NOTE: In our demonstrator below, we have streamed an iPUX ICS-1013 surveillance camera.

  • To stream the iPUX camera you shall set the Media URL to: rtsp://<your_ipcam>/mjpeg and forward the port 554.

Music & Video

Going to the Movie Theater

  • Share your movies with friends
  • You can install a video jukebox to select among the video to be displayed
  • Each visitor has to start the movie player in his/her viewer. Each viewer stream a video copy. Copies may be not synchronized.
  • Share your comment thanks to the voice chat
  • Your bandwidth shall be sufficient to allow smooth display
Watch movie with friends and make comments

IMPORTANT: Do not open to public or rent copyrighted materials. You remain bounded with the terms of the audio/video license materials.


Read more about the MMORPG capabilities

Indoor football

  • use of the gravity effects in the openSim simulator
  • ball can be kicked (kick, high kick commands) or pushed (with Touch or avatar feet)
  • ball bounces against the wall and on the ground
  • opponents have the capability to push other's avatars to get the ball
Indoor football game

MMORPG and Combat system

  • Avatars have life scoring system on parcel where Damages are enabled
  • Objects can damage avatar life to death
  • When dead, avatar returns to their home region and healing is activated
  • Avatars can kill themselves (suicide) when falling from heights
  • Weapons such as Swords or Guns can damage avatars