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by AdNovea - June 2009
Q-Sims Homepage - QS-Manager Homepage

Users Management

This page displays the list of registered users.

  • Top bar:
  • Returns the number of registered users
  • Enable to navigate between pages
  • Let you select the number of users per page (10, 25, 50 100)
  • Search bar: wildcards (* or %) are allowed in search names

User icon is:

  • Blue for every users
  • Gold for the Banker account


  • Click on the bullet for Ban/Unban a user
  • Click on the edit icon to edit a user
  • Click on the delete icon to remove a user (user deletion is final)

Edit a user

File:Q-Sim UserEdit.jpg
Users management

The first section is describe in the Create account section of the QS-Manager - Q-Sims Administration page.

Account activation

During the visitor registration process, a e-mail is sent to the registered visitor for confirmation. After 24 hours, none confirmed registration are canceled. Shall a user encountered difficulties to confirm his/her registration, the administrator can force the activation from here.


The OpenSim simulator monetary system requires a Banker account to manage all the currency transaction. Only one account is the Banker.

Create account

New account creation
  • Whether you have or not disable the visitor menu account creation, the administrator account creation still remains functional.

Refer to the Q-Sims - QS-Manager page for details about user creation.