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by AdNovea - June 2009
Q-Sims Homepage - QS-Manager Homepage

Q-Sims Shutdown

There are many way to stop Q-Sims (mainly OpenSim and the UGAIM servers):

The clean way

  • Open each server console and issue a Quit command.

In order to do so you have to:

  • type in screen -list to get the list of detached consoles
  • select a console and open it with the screen -r xxxx.yyyyyyy command
  • issue a quit command at the console prompt

The ease way

To stop Q-Sims you have to:

  • to stop the OpenSim server send a shutdown command from the remote admin console (select "Shutdown the simulator" in the drop list)
  • to stop the UGAIM server (in Grid mode) from the QNAP QPKG administration page click Disable

The dirty way

Very close to a system crash, the Q-Sims application can be stopped by click a click on the Disable button on the QNAP QPKG administration page.
Before, please check:

  • There is no user connected
  • All the current operations in the queue are performed

Admin console

Thanks to XML_RPC there is a capability to remotely access the OpenSim simulator.
NOTE: Port 20800, unless set differently, shall be forwarded.

We have implemented a console with a drop list of the commands available. When a command is selected, the input line is prefilled with the argument to fill in. When there are alternative arguments, they appear between parentheses. Only keep in the command line the arguments to sent.

Commands Description Arguments Passed
admin_broadcast Send a general alert message OK
admin_create_region Create a new region region_name, region_master_first, region_master_last, region_master_password, listen_ip, external_address NO
admin_delete_region Delete a region region_name NO
admin_region_query Query the 'health' of a region region_uuid (or region_name) FAILED no return
admin_load_heightmap Load Height Map filename, regionid NO
admin_create_user Create a new user user_firstname, user_lastname, user_password, start_region_x, start_region_y NO
admin_exists_user Check whether a certain user account exists user_firstname, user_lastname YES but no return
admin_update_user Update the password/home of a user account user_firstname, user_lastname, user_password, start_region_x, start_region_y FAILED need int for region
admin_load_xml Execute the Load XML command filename, region_uuid (or region_name) NO
admin_save_xml Execute the Save XML command filename, region_uuid (or region_nam=) NO
admin_load_oar Load a saved OAR file into a region filename, region_uuid (or region_name) NO
admin_restart Restart Region regionid NO
admin_shutdown Shut down the simulator none OK

Servers' logs

From the QS-Manager Administration , you have access to the following log files:

  • OpenSim server log
  • User server log (grid mode only)
  • Grid server log (grid mode only)
  • Asset server log (grid mode only)
  • Inventory server log (grid mode only)
  • Messaging server log (grid mode only)
  • Watch dog log