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by AdNovea - June 2009
Q-Sims Homepage - QS-Manager Homepage

The Message Manager handle the Login Screen (display into Hippo but not into realXtend) to display one message box on the top right and News at the bottom of the screen.

Q-Sims Loginscreen.jpg

Login Screen messages

The login screen is displayed in the Hippo viewer once you are connected to a Grid.
The message manager below display a editor to enter the message box text.

Q-Sim MessageManager.jpg

Use of languages (Internationalization)

QS-Manager supports both the interface translation and the messages translation.

  • Interface translation : Every strings of QS-Manager can be translated into an alternative language. This is very easy and described below.
  • Messages translation : Messages, news or menu comments displayed into QS-Manager support lanaguage translation. Therefore, the administrators can write messages that will be displayed according to the user selected language.

Messages Translation

Translation is handled through languages tags. Languages tags are made of the language names surrounded by double braces such as Template:English for English text or Template:French for French text.

Here is below an example of translated text:

{{English}}We have recently installed QSims on our server.
Please accept our apologizes for unavailability without notice due to our current tests.
Thanks for your kind comprehension.
We hope to meet you soon in our metavers.
{{French}}Nous venons d'installer Q-Sims sur notre serveur.
Nous vous prions de nous excuser pour tout indisponibilités sans préavis dues à nos tests en cours.
Merci de votre compréhension.
Nous espérons vous rencontrez prochainement dans notre métavers.

Adding a new languages to QS-Manager (Interface translation)

To add a new language you have to edit some files and create a language file for the new one.

  • Translate and rename the qsmanager/langs/en_US.txt file (file must be saved into UTF-8 format, use international country identifiers for file naming)
  • Add your language into qsmanager/langs/languages.php

List of News

The message manager above displays on the lower part, the list of the news already available.

  • Each new has two icons respectively to Edit or Delete it.
  • Above the list, a Create news link pops-up a new editor window to enter the news text.
  • News support text translation through the language tags.

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