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by AdNovea - June 2009
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Admin settings

File:Q-Sim AdminSettings.jpg
Administration settings

User account registration

Start Region changeable at

There is 3 possibilities:

  • Create/Edit account : The user can select the starting region during registration and can change later on
  • Edit account : The user get the default starting region durin registration and can modify it later on
  • Admin only : Only the administrator can set the starting region

Start region

List the region available in Q-Sims to select the default starting region.

Require address for account creation?

Request or not additional mandatory fields during registration:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Address
  • Zip
  • City
  • Country

Log file location

Display / Edit the log file names and locations:

  • OpenSim Log file *
  • User Server Log file
  • Grid Server Log file
  • Asset Server Log file
  • Inventory Server Log file*
  • Messaging Server Log file*

* Theses log files names are not editable for compatibility with the OpenSimWI database. If you have to change these files names, do it into the settings/conf.php file.

Predefined user last names

Like in Second life, you may let or not the users to choose their last names during registration or force them to pick up one from a predefined list.

  • Pick last names from the list : Force or not the last names selection from the list
  • Create new last name : Create a new last name
  • Delete last name : Delete a previously created last name
  • Add to the list : Add the selected last name to the list
  • Remove from the list : Remove a last name from the list (The last name is not deleted)

Most grid does not allow users to freely select theirs last names but offer instead a pick list of last names.

Menu manager

Do not modify the menu until you have a good understanding of its behavior.

  • To disable a menu entry, a click on the Active button and turns it into Inactive.
    NOTE: This is how you can disable visitors from registering for your Q-Sims.

  • Some names such as _MENU_XXXX means there is a translation according to the selected language.Entrez le texte non formaté ici
  • Display : Set how the menu entry is display
  • Always : Entry is alway available (e.g. the Help menu entry)
  • Logout only : Entry display when no one is logged (e.g. the Administration menu entry)
  • Admin & Users : Entry available for both Admin or logged Users
  • Admin only : Entry restricted to Admin (e.g. administration menu entry)
  • Users only : Entry to display with logged users (e.g. the transaction menu entry)

WARNING: There is two _MENU_CREATE_ACCOUNT. One is for visitors registration whereas the second one is to enable the administrator to create account.

Add comments above Menu pages

Each menu entry will display a specific page. You may want to add pieces of information above the page (e.g. message to visitor who want to register on the "Create account" page, explaination about the map displayed on the "Map" page, etc.).

  • Select the Edit button and enter the text to display.
  • Use language tags for internationalization (refer to Q-Sims_-_Admin_Messages_Manager for detail about language tags)

Change password

You can change:

  • the administrator name
  • the administrator password

Requires to enter the previous password

(re) Installation

You can reinstall Q-Sims at anytime from the administration menu, running the QSA (Quick Start Assistant).
Refer to the installation section for details about this procedure.

IMPORTANT: Prior to run the reinstallation, you shall stop the servers. To properly stop Q-Sims you should:

  • send a shutdown command from the remote admin console to stop the OpenSim server
  • (in Grid mode) from the QNAP QPKG administration page click Disable to stop the UGAIM servers

File:Q-Sim Reinstallation.jpg
Q-Sims reinstallation