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by AdNovea - June 2009
Q-Sims Homepage


  • 1-Download, 2-Install and do not Enable FreeSwitch QPKG.
  • Redirect port 5060 on your router
  • If Q-Sims FULL Edition is not yet installed and you intend to use it, you have nothing more to do. Proceed with the Q-Sims installation.
    If Q-Sims FULL Edition is already installed and configured, you must re-run the Q-Sims FULL Edition QSA to configure FreeSwitch for Q-Sims (update the freeswitch/conf/autoload_configs/xml_curl.conf.xml file). Stop/Restart Q-Sims, wait and Enable FreeSwitch.
  • Enable Voice chat in the Preferences/Voice chat.
Voice configuration in the preferences
  • Enable voice on your terrains (World/About land/Media)
File:Q-Sims Voice Chat Lands.jpg
Voice configuration on lands
  • Enable Voice in each Land (also referred as terrain or regions) BUT also configure each parcel if you terrain has been divided.
  • Voice: Use the Estate spatial channel: There is a common channel for the whole region (256x256 meters) and you can chose to use it for your land/parcel voice chat
  • Voice: Use a private spatial channel: A specific channel is created for your land/parcel
  • Sound: Restrict spatialized sound to this parcel: Check it if you don't want the Voice chat to be accessible for visitor outside your parcel (land sub division) - function not yet implemented