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Joomla Installation Instructions

If you have never installed Joomla! before, you can let QNAP NAS install the Joomla! package automatically through the QPKG easy and simple install.

Step 1. Turn On the Web server & MySQL database server

Start QNAP Finder. Locate your NAS and double-click on it to bring up the administration web page.

Step 2
Login the administration page and then go to 'Network Settings' > 'Web Server'. Check the box 'php.ini Maintenance' and select 'Restore' from the dropdown menu. Then click the 'Restore' button on the right. Restart the server for the changes to take effect. You can achieve this simply by disabling the option 'Enable Web server' and enable it again.

Step 3
Go to 'Network Settings' > 'MySQL Server'. Check the options 'Enable MySQL Server' and 'Enable TCP/IP Networking', and click 'Apply'.

Ok, we have now enabled the web server and MySQL database server. Let's begin the Installation of Joomla! by clicking on the link on 'Network Settings' > 'Web Server' page (where denotes the IP address of your NAS).

Step 4
First choose the language to use during the installation of Joomla! and click 'Next'.

Step 5
The pre-installation check should return Yes on all the settings required so simply click 'Next' to continue.

Step 6
On the Database Configuration page under Basic Settings configure as below:

  • Please note that the default user name and password is root / admin.

Step 7
The FTP Configuration is optional so you can choose to either configure the settings as below or simply click Next to continue.

  • Please note that the default FTP user name and password is admin / admin.

Step 8
Enter the Site Name you'd like along with your contact E-mail and Admin Password as below. First time users or beginners are recommended to install the Sample Data in order to get some ideas. Once done simply click Next to continue to the last step.

Step 9
If you can see the screen as below we're almost there! One more thing before it's done we have to remove the installation folder on the Joomla! root directory.

If you have previously mounted the Qweb share directory in the Windows please go to the directory where you just installed your Joomla!. In my case it will be under Qweb > Joomla. Please delete or remove the installation directory before you can start using Joomla!.

Step 10
Now point your web browser to the address below and you should see the following page. (where denotes your NAS IP address).

For Joomla! Administration just go to: (where denotes your NAS IP address) and enter your admin user name and password. (default: admin / admin)

This is it, have fun!


1. Links to access Joomla! after installation on QNAP NAS:
Joomla! home page: http://NAS IP/Joomla/
Joomla! administration page: http://NAS IP/Joomla/administrator/
All the Joomla! installation and configuration files are saved in the directory Qweb/Joomla.
2. Links to access MySQL database:
To manage MySQL database by phpMyAdmin: http://NAS IP/phpMyAdmin/
To use other tools to manage MySQL database, please refer to:
Download the tools:
3. How to go:
*You can refer to the sample data installed in the previous steps for web design and using the Joomla! extensions.
*To find out more Joomla! tutorials and the sources, check out the Joomla! official site:

About Reinstallation

If you happen to need to reinstall either Joomla (1.5.1 stable) or phpMyAdmin (v 2.10.3), just download the pre-configured, multilingual interface installation package from the links below and simply decompress into your /share/Qweb directory:

Joomla v1.5.1 (stable release, multilingual) zip | tar.gz

phpMyAdmin v2.10.3 (stable) zip | tar.gz

Now you can access your Joomla again with this address:

or phpMyAdmin with this: