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This Help section has organised many useful information on how to use Wiki and can be a good place to start for beginners too: .


This QNAPedia is a wiki. A wiki is a web site where every page is open to editing by any reader. In other words, it's a collaboratively written reference book. Clever tools, and wise social norms, make it possible for the constructive editors to repair vandalism as fast as it happens. and turn the rough first contributions of new arrivals into polished work.</span>

This wiki runs on software called MediaWiki. It is produced by the MediaWiki Foundation, the same organisation that hosts Wikipedia.

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How to edit a MediaWiki wiki

House rules and style guidelines

Experienced Wikipedia editors will notice that QNAPedia doesn't yet have the elaborate social norms and editorial rules which the Wikipedia has built up over the years. QNAPedia is not Wikipedia, so the rules we evolve here will likely be slightly different than theirs. However, their basic social norms of assuming good faith and being helpful will go a long way here too.

Article title convention: Use underscore to denote a 'space' when creating a page/article (eg. Use_Underscore_And_Capitalise_First_Letter), it just helps the users to read it better, instead of using merging words and capitalize the first letter (eg. UseUnderscoreNotCapitaliseFirstLetter).

Glossary: It's helpful to have be able to wikilink basic terms like Firmware and UPnP, so that clicking on the term leads to a brief clarification. We do this by writing brief articles which have the term as the title, and have a definition, a list of local articles relevant to the term, and a select few external links which describe the term well (e.g. a wikipedia article). Tag such articles with [[Category:Glossary terms]] . Thus the "Glossary terms" category becomes a rough and ready glossary of QNAP NAS terms. The terms to put in the glossary are technical terms specific to QNAP devices, names of software used in QNAP devices, and acronyms. Terms should be QNAP-related; we don't need to make this a new Wikipedia, or an English dictionary. Link freely to glossary terms wherever they appear.