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When trying to use a QNAP as mailserver, one can decide to use the available QNAP-provided mailservers ... whatever the benefits of this approach, it is often not sufficient. For example it is not possible, to use ldap-based authentification together with an IMAP-server.

Compile Dovecot


First install ipkg. Then install a number of needed packages:

ipkg install autoconf automake bash binutils bzip2 coreutils cyrus-sasl cyrus-sasl-libs diffutils findutils \
gawk gcc gdbm gnutls gnutls-dev grep groff gzip libc-dev libdb libdb52 libgcrypt libstdc++ make man ncurses \
ncursesw openldap openldap-libs openssl openssl-dev pcre perl readline sed tar zlib

Then make sure, that '/opt/bin' and '/opt/sbin' are FIRST in $PATH

export PATH=/opt/bin:/opt/sbin:$PATH

Then add freshly installed libraries to the list of available ones

echo /opt/lib >> /etc/


Then compile:

make distclean
./configure --prefix=/opt --with-ldap=yes --with-ssldir=/opt/etc/ssl
make install

If configure fails e.g. with a syntax-error spawn by gawk or awk, your PATH is defective and the pre-installed QNAP versions of sed or gawk are used. Please fix your path.

If make fails with an error like "object name conflicts", you probably don't have a real sort installed - or (again) your PATH is defective.

So you might want to make *sure* that sed/find/sort/(g)awk are called from the /opt-directories and not from e.g. /bin or /usr/bin.You can check which version is used by running

which sed

If everyhing is working fine - congratulations, you can now configure dovecot at /opt/etc/dovecot

And don't forget: Changes to /etc are often not permanent and need to be repeated after rebooting your QNAP. If you start a new shell (e.g. by writing a compile-script for dovecot), you probably have to redefine e.g. $PATH.