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This page contains both official (tested by QNAP) and unofficial (reported by user) lists of all types of hardware that are compatible with QNAP products:

  1. Compatible/Incompatible Hard Drives(3.5")
  2. Compatible/Incompatible Hard Drives(2.5")
  3. Compatible/Incompatible Printer
  4. Compatible/Incompatible UPS
  5. Compatible/Incompatible USB Wi-Fi dongles
  6. Compatible/Incompatible USB Hard Disk Drive
  7. Compatible/Incompatible USB CD/DVD/BD Drive
  8. Compatible/Incompatible IP Cameras
  9. Compatible/Incompatible UPnP Router

Source(s): Compatibility List

  • How to Report?

If you wish to report your hardware here simply sign up for an account and while logged in click on 'edit' to add an entry. Example.jpg

The result will be like this: Sample.jpg