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How to install Java Runtime Engine for x86 based QNAPs

Simply use the QPKG Center as described here:

How to install Java Runtime Engine for ARM based QNAPs

Until now there is no official Java Runtime Engine QPKG provided by QNAP.
But you can help yourself ...

1. Download the current JRE 7 for ARMv5 (Headless, EABI, Soft Float, Little-Endian) from Oracles Webpage:

2. Save the downloaded file in your Public share of your QNAP NAS (DO NOT CHANGE THE FILE NAME)

3. Download the JRE7 QPKG from
    -     here:
    - or here:

4. Install the JRE7 QPKG using the QPKG Center  (Applications -> QPKG Centre -> Install Manually) located on the Webfrontend of your NAS.
    - ignore messages about 'x86' and keep on with installation.

5. Activate JRE7 using the "Installed"-Tab of the QPKG Center. Click "Activate"

*Note: If you have any previous java archives (ejre-1_7_0_*.tar.gz) in your Public share make sure to change the begin of the filename to something else like  OLD_ejre-1_7_0_*.tar.gz


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