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NOTE: If your NAS firmware version is 2.1.4 or later,  you  don't need to run the debug procedure.  Please just click the [View] button on the error message to get the debug message.


The following procedure is for firmware version 2.1.3 or earlier only.  But we suggest you update to 2.1.4 which have fixed the AD domain netbios name issue.

Active Directory (AD) debug procedure:

  1. Update the NAS to latest firmware version
  2. Connect by ssh.
  3. Copy /usr/bin/ to
  4. Copy to
  5. Setup the AD settings on Web and apply
  6. Check the /tmp/setup_smb.debug file
  7. The following is a example

login as: admin
admin@'s password:
[~] # cd /usr/bin
[/usr/bin] # cp
[/usr/bin] # cp

Please then go to the web administration page, setup the AD and click Apply. After the error message is shown, check the /tmp/setup_smb.debug file through ssh.

[/usr/bin] # cd /tmp
[/tmp] # more setup_smb.debug
======== DEBUG START =======
[command] /etc/init.d/ stop
[command] echo adminpassword | /usr/bin/kinit administrator@QNAPTEST.COM
Password for administrator@QNAPTEST.COM:
[command] /usr/local/samba/bin/net ads join -U administrator%adminpassword -s /etc/config/smb.conf
Using short domain name -- QNAPTEST
Joined 'CSDNAS' to realm ''
[command] /etc/init.d/ start
[/tmp] #