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How to configure the SMTP server with your G-Mail account

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If you would like to configure the SMTP for notification service with your G-Mail account, please follow below settings:

1. SMTP: smtp.gmail.com

2. Port Number: 465

3. Sender: (Your Display Name, optional, missing field on TS-109)

4. Check the "Enable SMTP Authentication" option, and complete the following steps.

5. Enter you gmail account name. For example, if your email address is michael.scofield@gmail.com, then please enter "michael.scofield" in the "User Name".

6. Enter you gmail account password in the "Password".

7. Check the "SSL/TLS secure connection" option and select SSL protocol.

Now you can go to the Notification Settings page, send a test e-mail, and see if it works.

Note: Step 2 above added in Firmware 3.4

ADDON for WEB.DE Account (on a TS-419P)


1. SMTP: smtp.web.de

2. Port Number: 587

3.Sender: your.name@web.de  (use your complete e-mail account- otherwise it did not work !)

4.Klick on Enable SMTP Authentication

5. Enter your web.de account name. See example above (all before @web.de)

6. Enter your web.de password

7. klick on Use SSL/TLS secure connection

8. Protocol: TLS

9. Go to "ALERT NOTIFICATION" tab and test it with an e-mail to your own account.

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